Aluminum Fireproof Panel

Aluminum Fireproof Panel is a kind of aluminum composite panel.It has fireproof character and apart from it,it also have many other advantages.Such as 1. Light weight: aluminum plastic plate is composed of aluminum and plastic core material with low density. Therefore, compared with aluminum (or other metals) with the same rigidity or thickness, its quality is smaller, and its quality is much smaller than that of glass and stone.
2. Good rigidity: the aluminum-plastic plate skillfully uses the mechanical principle of I-beam structure and endows it with unique mechanical properties. In addition, the aluminum-plastic plate is compounded under high-temperature conditions, and in the whole processing process, the two-layer aluminum plate is in a certain tension state
3. Rich color and strong decoration: the layer surface of aluminum-plastic plate can be made into various colors, and the pattern design matching for all purposes can be carried out

Blue PVDF Fireproof Aluminum composite panel for decorate
Blue PVDF Fireproof Aluminum composite panel for decorate

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